The Empire City

Songs of Wellington (Book + CD)


The Empire City traces the history of Wellington, from the middle of the 19th Century till the present day. Stories are told through song, text, paintings, and photographs, offering creative insight into the history of the capital city. The book includes a CD with songs by Andrew Laking, works of art by Bob Kerr, previously unseen historical photos, additional new photos by Ines MacMullen and historical text.


"A charming collection of acoustic-based folk tales... beautifully conceived and captured". Amanda Mills, NZ Musician.


"A beautifully produced book that comes with a CD of original songs and is illustrated by New Zealand’s leading documentary painter, Bob Kerr” – Wallace Chapman, RNZ.


"Beautifully presented on his own Pirate and Queen imprint through Victoria University Press, The Empire City speaks quietly, and by not raising its voice invites you in to pay closer attention" – Graham Reid, Elsewhere.


"The Empire City: Songs of Wellington acts as a perfect representation of the New Zealand capital, from past to present" – Matthias Metzler, Booksellers NZ.


Release date: September 17, 2015.

Published by Pirate & Queen in association with Victoria University Press.


Hard cover, full colour, 64 pages

210mm x 210mm

CD inside front cover.


$35 NZD (includes free shipping)

Painting by Bob Kerr - William Wakefield series.